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Registered Charity number 290704.

Working in partnership with villagers in Nkokoto, Tanzania and surrounding villages since 1978.


The charity is run solely by volunteers from Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire and surrounding villages. 100% of all donations will go to implementing projects which are desperately needed by villagers in this deprived area of Tanzania 


All projects are suggested by the villagers. Self determination is critical. We primarily work in;

1) Education. Support for children in primary, secondary, vocational and further education.

2) Health. Support for clinics and clinical staff in Nkokoto and Uhuru. Malarial protection.

3) Agriculture. Water boles holes, rain water harvesting tanks, machinery and livestock. 


We are incredibly grateful to our supporters who make regular donations annually or monthly. Donors are allocated a named student and you can follow their progress. One off donations are used to fund special projects such as completion of a clinic building. Please Gift Aid your donation if you can. If you want to support us, send an email to 

Get Involved

The committee volunteers would love to welcome any interested person. Help at our events, contribute to a project, use your talents to explore a new perspective on our world. 

Are you running a fund raising event and want to support a local registered charity?

We would love to work with other groups - is there anything that we can collaborate on? 

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