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We would be so grateful to hear from you as an existing or a new Sponsor. 

If you would like more details, please contact Rod Harris the Chairman or Alison Kennedy the Treasurer/Secretary by email at

Bank Details

Minchinhampton-Nkokoto Link

Sort code 30-98-29

Account number 07336429

This is a business account. Please note the hyphon in the account name.

Three Ways to Maximise your Donation

1. Set up a regular payment. Knowing that any amount is coming in regularly allows us to plan knowing that we can continuously support that child's education.

2. Gift Aid. If you pay UK tax, the charity can reclaim 25% to increase the power of your donations inback from the government. Click here to find a copy of the HMRC form and return directions. 

3. Make it Personal. Tell us what you would like your gift to be used for. Some ideas below.....

What could your gift mean?

£5 Monthly Donation

This gift supports 1 sponsored child through a year of secondary education. Each year we provide two sets of uniforms, school books, stationary and even sanitary products for the girls. Each student attends Vumilia School for 4 years. 


£100 Annual Donation

Buy 2 bicycles to get Nkokoto children to school. We provide bikes for all Nkokoto children who attend Vumilia School, not only the sponsored pupils. In 2024 we will provide 43 bicycles. This provides a safer, independent journey especially for girls in their 30 minute bike ride to school

£250 Extraordinary gift to mark a special occasion

Do you have an interest such as sewing or pharmacy? Are you keen to hear about a new Water Engineer? Is someone in your family studying Languages and you want to give the same opportunity to a student in Nkokoto? You may want to sponsor a child through higher education or provide a tool kit to allow a graduate to set up business. Contact us and we can discuss a particular project that would be meaningful to you. 

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