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What, When, Where and How?

The Link was established in 1978 by a group of Minchinhampton residents in order to support Nkokoto which is a village in north west Tanzania where the families live on or below the poverty line. The Link works in partnership with the villagers to support improvements in education, health and agriculture. 


Nkokoto is a very rural, isolated village in the Tabora District of Tanzania. The nearest town is Urambo and it is 600 miles from Dar es Salaam, the main city of the country.


Vumilia bikes.jpg
Students at Vumilia

Each year, The Link sponsors 8 new students to start 4 years of study at the local secondary school in Vumilia. So we sponsor 32 students at any time from the poorest families in Nkokoto. The Link provides uniforms, shoes, books and educational material.

We also provide school bikes for all students from Nkokoto. In 2024 we provided 43 bikes for that year's intake. The villagers told us that the children arrive at school better able to learn after a 30 minute bike ride instead of a longer walk. Girls are also vulnerable during the walk, so giving them the independence of a bike improves their safety. 


Learning a trade at the FDC

Some students opt to learn a trade at the Folk Development College in Urambo. In 2024 there are 12 students training in tailoring, welding, vehicle mechanics, carpentry, electrical installation, information science and livestock & agriculture. The sponsorship pays for 2 years of college fees, their accommodation, course materials and their uniforms. When they graduate we give them a tool kit to help them find employment.

FDC Graduates, Sewing Workshop 

In 2019 a group of Sewing and Tailoring graduates from the Urambo FDC approached us. Instead of receiving individual tool kits on graduation, they wanted to form a cooperative. They found premises and The Link helped with start up equipment. We now employ them to make uniforms for all sponsored students. New graduates asked to join the group instead of working on their own so we provided the group with more equipment and materials. This was their own idea and their business is an ongoing success.

A Levels

Students who pass their GCSE exams are invited to study for 2 years A level equivalent. The Link pays for the college fees, their accommodation, course materials and their uniforms. In 2023 there are 24 students at various colleges. This is a tremendous increase from 9 in 2022 and 6 in 2021 which we feel reflects the success of the focus of the Link on educational projects.

College and University

Until 2023 we have supported students studying for a degree (Water Engineering), a diploma (Medical Sciences and Pharmacists) or at Teacher Training College. The Link paid for their college fees, accommodation and course materials. Now that these students have graduated, the Link has taken the difficult decision to concentrate our finances on helping a larger number of students at A level, rather than a few number of high cost students at university. This could change again in the future if finances allow and a particular student asks us for assistance.


The Link has financed large projects such as drilling two fresh water boreholes (to replace the inefficient and unclean wells), building a rainwater harvesting tank for the primary school, refurbished the clinician’s house which was being eaten by termites (!) and provided solar panels for the clinic and school house.  The Link also helped the nearby village of Uhuru to complete their health clinic by funding the roof and finishing the interior. The Link has also given a multitude of smaller items; mosquito nets and solar powered lights are small items that make a huge difference.

dispensary building_edited_edited.jpg

FUNDING : Many of the funds are provided by individual sponsors living in and around Minchinhampton or sponsors who have connections in the area. Sponsors give an amount of their choice and can be linked with a student at the school or college. We also arrange fund raising events

CAN YOU HELP? Would you consider making a donation or a regular gift to the Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link? Every sponsor chooses how much to give and, as we are all volunteers, every penny is used in our projects. Each year of education provides better opportunities for employment in the future and enables students to set and work to their own life goals.

We really would appreciate your help. Thank you.

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