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  • Alison Kennedy

24th July 2021. Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link - Eddystone Pursuit.

The Eddystone Charity Pursuit? This fund raising event is the 3rd largest mass participation event in the south west. All teams have to be entered on behalf of a registered charity that benefits the human condition and we are excited to say that the Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link has been accepted into this year's event.

A charitable trust offers generous prize money - this year £30,000 - which is to be divided between the entrants who all sail 26 miles off Plymouth, perhaps around the lighthouse. Alison Kennedy (Committee Member/Treasurer/Secretary) and Christian Anders (Skipper/Best Mate) are going to give it a go and have entered their 38 foot Bavaria Silver Stella in the event to be run 24 July 2021. So far there are 52 teams chasing the prize fund. It is not all allocated according to position; we will get points for effort. The more money that we raise in sponsorship, the more the Eddystone Charity Committee will award to us in prize money. We are hoping to raise £1000 all to be donated to educational projects.

Let's wish them fair winds; they'll need it. Honestly they have absolutely no chance of being first across the line - their words - but the Eddystone Pursuit is giving us a chance to tell more people about our work, so we have already won something. If you can sponsor us please send an email to which will allow us to show the Eddystone Committee how much we have raised specifically to support our involvement, and then we'll send you details of how to send the Sponsorship money. Alternatively, the Market Stores have generously offered to hold a Sponsor Form and money box behind the till - if you could support us then it would really be appreciated.

Money raised 12July2021 £660; updates to follow

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