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In Eddystone Pursuit of Sponsors

18th June 2022. Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link - Eddystone Pursuit.

Last year the Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link team raised £2,021.83 at this event. We couldn't resist - we're doing it again. Spookily in 2021 we raised £2021 and 83 in 2022 the target is £2,022.83!

The Eddystone Pursuit is the 3rd largest fundraising event in the South-west. We sail 26 miles, perhaps around the Eddystone Lighthouse (weather dependant). Since 2002 the event has raised over £800,000 for registered charities. It is sponsored by a charitable trust and there is £30,000 prize money, distributed across all teams and paid directly to the nominated charities. In 2021 Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link was awarded £621.83 of the prize fund. £250 of this was a special prize because we sailed for 4 days to get to Plymouth, someone crashed into us but we still made the start line. The guilty party made a donation too!!

The event is so much fun. You get bonus points for;

- Registering early. I set my alarm for midnight on the day that entries opened.

- Finishing position. It's a staggered start. Cross your fingers for us. - Raising money. The more you raise in sponsorship, the more points you are awarded.

- Special effort on the day. Like getting there with an injured boat.

So Alison Kennedy (Committee Member/Treasurer/Secretary) and Christian Anders (Skipper/Best Mate) are going to give it a go again. The more money that we raise in sponsorship, the more the Eddystone Charity Committee will award to us. So it's really important, if you can sponsor us, send an email to so that we can demonstrate what money was raised for the Eddystone Pursuit. Wish us luck; it's needed. Honestly we have no chance of being first across the line - but we will have fun and the Eddystone Pursuit is giving us a chance to tell more people about our work, so we have already won something. If you can sponsor us please send an email to If you could support us then it would really be appreciated.

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