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  • Alison Kennedy

Singing and Sailing for a Peloton

It was fantastic to meet so many supporters, old and new, at Becky Dellow's concert 11th June. The Market House was tapping and clapping to breath taking fiddling that whistled up a storm.

Stormy is how it felt at the Eddystone Pursuit. We started with a gentle Force 2 wind but we were warned to be home by 5pm because a storm was coming through. It arrived with teeth. We were safely in harbour by 3.30pm but the later boats endured a Force 8, one boat being knocked down, flooded and had to be towed home. We were lucky. Due to the handicap system, 51 smaller boats started ahead of us and 23 bigger ones started behind us. We sailed hard to beat the storm and were the 32nd team home....when they factored in sailing performance and the amount of sponsorship, the race committee classified us in 7th place overall with prize money of £418.95 (8.3 school bikes) paid directly to the charity. Team Silver Stella is very proud! Did we mention sponsorship....including donations from Becky's event, we raised £2,034.50 (40.7 bikes). We explained how important the bikes are, giving the girls a safer journey to school and ensuring that all students arrive less tired and more able to learn. So the Race Organisers also gave us a special prize of £250 to fund 5 more bikes.

Across June with Becky's concert and the Eddystone Pursuit, your support helped us raise a total of £3,014.10, which is more than 60 bikes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, 60 times over, and more.

Allison Jacks (Blueboys, Committee member, ace photographer) waited in Plymouth to cheer us over the finish line. She took some amazing photos of a tired Silver Stella crew coming home. And we took one on board as we rounded Eddystone Lighthouse.

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