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Wind in our sails - Eddystone Pursuit raises £2,019.83

This year 70 teams entered the Eddystone Charity Pursuit for their own registered charity and Silver Stella lined up for the Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link. Alison Kennedy (Committee Member/Treasurer/Secretary), Christian Anders and Ashley Miller made it round Eddystone Lighthouse and home in 22nd place. We also received a special perseverance prize for travelling the furthest and still making the start line even though another boat crashed into us (whilst we were resting in a marina). The Link has received £621.83 from the Eddystone Committee. And we are so grateful to have received further sponsorship of £1,400 from our loyal supporters, some new friends and even a donation from the crew of the boat that bumped us.

In total we have £2,019.83 for the Nkokoto funds. Fantastic! There are 3 students currently at College studying for a 2 year Diploma in Clinical Medicine or Pharmacy. These funds are sufficient to fund all their tuition fees, course materials and accommodation until the end of their courses in August 2022 - how fabulous that a summer adventure can be converted into a life changing qualification for 3 Nkokoto students.

If you are interested in finding out about the event, the link is

If you want to contact the Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link our email is

There are some photos below; fundraising can be fun sometimes

Thank you all so much for your support, Kind regards Team NK

Day 1, the Needles, Solent Day 6, Eddystone Lighthouse. Team NK, Alison behind the lens

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